Tips To Increase Speed Of Your Blog

Tips To Increase Speed Of Your Blog

1. Choose A Good Template For Your Blog.

Before selecting a template for your blog analyze that template. All goes for an attractive one.Just the template design does not determine how good is that template. You should check whether the template coding is good or not. So many templates are available in there on the internet go for the premium one because they are well coded and built.

2. Compress The Size Of Images Before You Upload.

Images are a big factor affecting the size of your blog thus affects loading time. Don't upload files directly. Reduce the size by converting the images or by cropping the image.

Use any converting softwares like Format Factory ,Pixillion Image Converter Software etc.

3. Don’t Use An Image As  Background.

As i said images affect blog's loading time, So don't use image as background. If you want to use images as background find images which are less in size or convert the image like I said. Use patters instead of Images or use HTML color codes.

4. Limit the Number of Posts.

Limiting is one of the best ways to increase loading speed. Limit the number of posts shown in a page.

5. Reduce The Use Of Javascripts and Plugins.

JavaScript is a programming language which is heavily coded. It takes time for the browser to load these contents. Remove unwanted Javascripts and Plugins. Because these contents will increase the loading time. Don’t link to external or other sites for storing your JavaScript codes.Host it in your blog.

6. Reduce The No. Of Advertisement's  On Blog.

Advertisement banners are coded in Java script and as said earlier Java script increase the loading time of your blog. 

7. Reduce the No.Of Social Widgets.

Social sharing Widgets are very important because they increase the traffic a website.

Social share buttons are also Javascripts.They  take's time to load thereby increasing your blog loading time. Get sharing widgets directly from their site (eg:-from facebook)
.Don't go for third party sharing buttons.

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