Make Your Pen Drive Read Only or Write Protected

Make Your Pen Drive Read Only or Write Protected-Techdio

The pendrive's is the biggest source of spreading virus.In case we want to copy some files to another PC and we are using your pendrive and the other PC is infected by virus. In these conditions you can make your pendrive Right Protected or Read Only so that you can copy down the files to another computer and the virus will not affect your pendrive. In this tutorial we will see how to Write protect your pendrive .

For this we are using a tool named USB Storage Protector.You can download it from the link below.In order to use this tool you should have Microsoft .NET Framework.(Is there in all new OS.If you are using an old OS install this)

Size (250 KB)


Step 1:Download the tool from the above link.

Step 2:Extract the files.
Step 3:Open USB Storage Protector 1.1 from the extracted folder.
Step 4:Select the Storage device and click Protect.

The Application will create a folder called Public on your USB flash drive, in case you want to copy a file or something from other computers, then you  can copy it to the Public folder. 
You can rename the Public folder as you want.