How To Make Your Android Phone Into a Wi‐Fi Hotspot

How To Make Your Android Phone Into a Wi‐Fi Hotspot

In a situation where you want to use internet on your laptop, and you don't have any  WI-Fi hotspot's, you can create your own Wi-Fi hotspot with your phone.This will allow other devices to use your phone's mobile data to connect to the internet.So you can share your mobile data with your friends.

Follow the Steps: (IMPORTANT!!!!!  These steps may vary according to OS version and customisation)

1. Go to Home Screen.

2. Select Settings menu.
3. Select Wireless & Networks and then Tethering & portable hotspot. 
4. Tick the box next to Portable WI-Fi hotspot.
5. Tap Portable WI-Fihotspot settings and  change WI-Fi network name as desired, and create a password.
6. Tap on Save.

Now your Mobile Hotspot is ready. Now you can connect the internet using your mobile data on your laptop or other devices.

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