Open Blogger Links In a New Window Or Tab

Open Blogger Links In a New Window Or Tab

Links help users to navigate from one page or post to another page,posts. Internal links help to increase pageviews and decrease bounce rates. Making the external links open in a new tab/window help the users get back where they were without leaving the page.As a result bounce rate will also decrease. There is a defect for this too.Too many open windows/tabs in a big problem for users.So use this method only in the places you need in a limited way. In blogger by default, all the internal links will not open in a new tab/windows. We have to do certain things to do that. So lets get started.
Live Demo
(By Clicking this button the link will open in a new tab)

First of all, in blogger, there is a direct option to open a link in a new tab.With this we can only open one link at a time.
For that first add a link by clicking "Link" in your blogger editor.

The a popup window will open like this.

Check in "open this link in a new window". Click "Ok" .

Or if you are doing HTML editing you can use this code below along with your hyperlink.


This will only open links in a post only.

To make all links to open in a new window follows these steps.

Go to your Blogger Dashboard.Go to template option and click "edit HTML". 

Now find the <head> tag by pressing Ctrl+F and add the code below <head>.'

<base target=’_blank’/>

Save the template and you are done.Now all your links will open in a new tab.