Bladabindi Virus Targeting Windows OS Users In India

Indian Computer Users Be Aware!!!!! A new computer virus, namely 'Bladabindi' has arrived.
This virus affects and steals personal data of users. This virus can capture keyboard press, control computer camera and later send collected sensitive information to remote attacker.

This virus spreads through removable drive such as pen drives and other hardware like this. So you should disable the Autorun facility in your computer. Always scan a Pendrive with antivirus before use. 

A Bladabindi virus  propagates through copying itself into the root folder of a removable drive and creates a shortcut file with the name and folder icon of the drive. When the user clicks on the shortcut, the malware gets executed and Windows Explorer is opened and it makes it seem as if nothing malicious happened.

It also recommended that users should not follow unknown web links or attachments in email messages, do not visit un-trusted websites, use strong passwords and also enable password policies, enable the firewall at desktop and gateway level, guard against social engineering attacks and limit user privileges.

This virus can even access the Browser data, including browser stored passwords, etc. The virus possesses a unique ability to acquire a safe network domain id in order to falsely add itself to the firewall exclusion list and bypass a user’s firewall mechanism.