How To Download YouTube Videos For Free

How To Download YouTube Videos For Free

YouTube is a cool website to watch videos. But the limitation is we cannot download it, or save it to our PC directly. People want to view their favorite videos offline. There are many ways to download videos from YouTube.There are certain Downloaders etc.

Follow These Steps :

1. First Go to

2. Click on the video you wish to download.
3. Now copy down the URL of the video you want to download.


4. Now go to

5. Paste the URL in the space provided.
6. Click Continue. Wait for a second.
7. Now options like Video Quality, Conversion Format will appear.
8. Choose the Video Quality and Conversion Format as you wish.
9. Now click "Start".Wait for a second.
10.A New page will appear. Click Download.

You are Done.Now You can start downloading videos from YouTube for free.

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