Bypass/Hack AppLock For Android [Tutorial]

Bypass/Hack Applock For Android [Tutorial]

AppLock is the most favored app by andoid users for encrypting data. I will show you how to unlock or hack AppLock without knowing password.

What You Need
- Victims Phone

If you just want to open Password protected Apps in the android device then follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to settings.
Step 2: Select Apps option from device tab.
Step 3: Click on AppLock.
Step 4: Click on Force stop button.

This will stop the application Applock and thus the apps will not be protected. Now you can open these apps.

In some cases the settings option will not be accessible. It may be locked. Applock application have the option to lock the settings option.

In this case you need to install an app that stops apps running in the background.
For that we can install Clean Master (Speed Booster) or any similar app. After optimizing using this apps the background process will be stopped and the app will be unprotected.


  1. AppLock is not at all 100% secure. Yes! you can bypass the no. 1 privacy locking software by just using the simple tricks given below. These tricks will work even if the Advanced Protection is enabled.
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    1. Link Not Working :P

    2. To Bypass Applock Advance Protection The Phone Must Be Rooted.

  2. Thanks dear for provide this informative and detailed post on applock,did you know any freezer apps which freeze applock too.



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