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How To Hide Drives

Hello readers.I am going to show you how to hide a drive in a PC.This trick is very helpful for those who needs privacy. IMPORTANT!!!! Hiding of Drives does not  affect the data in the drive.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to start->run. Type regedit or CLick start type regedit press Enter.

2. Now go to:


3. In the right pane create a new DWORD item and name it NoDrives (it is case sensitive).

4. Modify the value and set it to 3FFFFFF (Hexadecimal).

5. Restart the computer.

That's It You Are Done. Now The Drive is hidden. 

To enable display of drives in My Computer, simply delete this DWORD item that you created. Restart your computer. All the drives are back again.

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Create a Fake Conversation in WhatsApp

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Blackberry Z3 vs BlackBerry Q5 Techdio

Blackberry Z3 and Blackberry Q5. Both phones have a tight competition in the market. So here is a comparison of these two Blackberry phones.

The Blackberry Z3 was released on May 2014 and the Blackberry Q5 was launched on June 2013. So the Blackberry Z3 is the latest one of these. The main specifications of both the phones are given below.

Blackberry Z3 www.techdio.com

In terms of specification the Blackberry Q5 is better because it has 2GB of RAM, whereas the Z3 has only 1.5 GB. The Q5 supports 4G LTE, but Z3 doesn't. In terms of battery backup the Z3 is better. Q5 has a 2180 mAh battery whereas the Z3 has a 2500 mAh battery. In terms of the screen size also Z3 is better. It has a 5 inch screen vs the 3.1 inch screen of Q5.

It's hard to compare these phones because both the devices are not of one type. One is a touchscreen phone and the other is a touch and type phone. So the final choice depends upon the user.

If you want a touchscreen phone with large screen go for Z3. If you type more and want a touch and type device go for Q5. We cannot make a comparison with specs.
So the decision is yours.

[This post was requested by Aravind SwaRaj Kumar ]

You can now check whether your phone is Mobile friendly on Google.
This test will analyze a URL and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design.

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C Compiler For Android | Techdio
C is an imperative (procedural) language. It was designed to be compiled using a relatively straightforward compiler, to provide low-level access to memory, to provide language constructs that map efficiently to machine instructions, and to require minimal run-time support. C was therefore useful for many applications that had formerly been coded in assembly language, such as in system programming.

C compilers like turbo C is available for windows and is now available for android devices. Go to the link below to download C compiler for Android. This application is supported by all android devices.

Size: 1.7 MB